Last Cruise Excursion - Paris.

Today I grabbed a quick bagel and took some quick photos of La Havre 

Before boarding a 7:00 AM tour bus for the three hour drive into Paris.

Paris is a very beautiful city.  We were driven around the city and given a tour of the many historic sites. 

Dior painted the outside of their building.

This is a replica of the Statue of Liberty's flame that is being used to honor  the memory of Princess Diana, people surround it with flowers.,

They also have a smaller version of the Statue of Liberty (that they gave to the United States).


  Statue to honor Joan of Arc.


It is refered to as the city of lights... It should be called the city of trees as they are everywhere and the beautiful buildings are often hidden behind them.  

Unfortunately our first scheduled stop at the Eiffel Tower didn't happen because the streets were baracaded off for a marathon that was happening across the city.  We had to be satisfied with photos from the bus. 

We continued on the tour and our first stop was at Chez Jenny for a scheduled French lunch.  We had salad, chicken and potatoes in gravy, a nice apple tart and red and white wine to wash it down with.  

After lunch I hid the first bottle in a planter outside of the restaurant while we waited for the driver to return to the bus.


Our second stop was in front of really cool tower (St. Jacques Tower).  

From there we did a walking tour... 

To the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

After touring the cathedral we were given time to explore the area as long as we were back at the bus by 3:30 pm.  I took advantage of the time and hid the second bottle in a flower bed in front of the cathedral before shopping and sight seeing my way back to the bus.

We had a three hour drive back to the pier but we did make a stop at a gas station where I bought some "Gout Fromage - 3D Bugles" They were not standard (US) cheese Bugles they were more like cream cheese flavored Bugles... weird but good.  

By the time we were half way back to the ship my (phone) camera was down to 4% battery so I napped on the bus for the last half of the ride.

It was a long day but I am glad I went. I was also very glad to be back on the ship because  my cold medication was wearing off and this cold is waiting in the wings to strike. I am just hoping to hold it off for a few more days until I get back to Seattle.

Tomorrow we dock in South Hampton, England and will be taking a shuttle bus to a hotel by the airport in London.  Tuesday we fly out super early so we need to be at the airport by 6:00 AM  Ugh!


  1. Have a safe flight home, sweetheeart. We miss you and look forward to hearing all about your trip. We love you. Mom and Dad


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