Post Trip (Update for Bottle at the Restaurant near Dundonald Castle).

Bottle Update We received a nice reply to a 5th bottle. It was to the one we left outside the restaurant near Dundonald Castle. The message read: Greetings  ladies from sunny Ayrshire! I hope I find you well, my husband and I, found your lovely bottle in the village of dundonald and were surprised to find your message inside, we hope you found the answers to your quest ? tracing family can be an difficult task, we send you our best wishes and love from Scotland , we ourselves are from a village called hurlford very near dundonald I , myself work in greggs the bakers and smyth toys at night and have some cats, the bottle was found on the 10/9/18 , would you like us to place the bottle out again in  random  place so that others might find it? enjoy the rest of your stay, and we hope to hear from you soon, all my love Gillian xxx I have replied back to her and will hope to keep in touch.

Back in Seattle and (2 Bottle Updates on Notre Dame)

We are back in Seattle Jet lagged and getting over our colds.  I shared my Edinburgh cold with Kerry (because that is what friends are for...)   There has been action on the Hidden message bottle front for the bottle I left in the flower bed in front of Notre Dame. Bottle Updates This bottle was first found by a two people from the Netherlands who signed their names to the note and returned it to its original hiding place.   Here is their note: Hello Kerry and Holly,   We found your message in the bottle! We wrote down our names and we put it back! It is very nice what you do haha. Enjoy your trip! Best, Eline and Marielle  From the Netherlands The next day we got a second reply on the same bottle from a nice couple from Barcelona, Spain. Hi, we are Jesús and Tato and we found your message in Notre Dame square.  We are a gay couple and we live in Barcelona but our born town is Andalucia and Extremadura, in spain.  We were very excited to find your message.

Last Cruise Excursion - Paris.

Today I grabbed a quick bagel and took some quick photos of La Havre  Before boarding a 7:00 AM tour bus for the three hour drive into Paris. Paris is a very beautiful city.   We were driven around the city and given a tour of the many historic sites.   Dior painted the outside of their building. This is a replica of the Statue of Liberty's flame that is being used to honor  the memory of Princess Diana, people surround it with flowers., They also have a smaller version of the Statue of Liberty (that they gave to the United States).     Statue to honor Joan of Arc.   It is refered to as the city of lights... It should be called the city of trees as they are everywhere and the beautiful buildings are often hidden behind them.   Unfortunately our first scheduled stop at the